Ruby L. Butler

Patient Assistance Program 

​​​Many Infinities takes a comprehensive approach to supporting families navigating the multidimensional world of Autoimmunity.  The RLB Program is designed to prolong and enhance quality of life for autoimmune patients, while gathering influential autoimmune healthcare statistics, which will improve the patient physician partnership.

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5 Day Respite Meal Delivery
Many autoimmune patient are unable to stand for extended periods of time, particularly after a hospital or rehabilitation stay.  Meal prep is often "OFF THE TABLE!" Upon approval, members may receive up to five fully cooked, paleo and/or gluten free meals.  Meals are delivered to the home all at once.

SNAP Grocery Shop and Delivery
MI offers grocery shopping and delivery to SNAP recipients, who are physically unable to walk around a grocery store.  Whether the member is elderly or disabled as a result of an autoimmune diagnosis, the grocery shopping process is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let us do the shopping for you.

Nutritional Coaching
Approximately 80% of the immune system is located in the gut area.  This makes nutrition and gut health one of the most important parts of improving and managing an autoimmune diagnosis. MI teams up with nutrition professionals to provide individual and family nutritional guidance.  This service is designed to help each members understand how his or her body reacts to nutrition. In conjunction with other services, MI aids in cultivating an overall healthy lifestyle.

Home Accessibility and Safety Modifications
The physical restrictions of some autoimmune illnesses may very easily cause accessibility and safety concerns in the one place we should all feel the most comfort – home.  Beginning a simple in-home assessment, MI, alongside generous community partners, identifies and addresses the minor to moderate accessibility and safety issues directly related to the autoimmune diagnosis.  

Emotional and Social Support
An autoimmune diagnosis is a devastating blow to the entire family. Depression and anxiety can be triggered by limitations related to the diagnosis, required medical regimens as well as other factors. Many times, the patient’s physical health is a direct reflection of his or her emotional state. Counselors offer age appropriate support with understanding and coping with the social and emotional trials of Autoimmunity. One hour sessions may be offered in private and group settings.


In-Home Respite Care (Sitter and Family Education)
A team of trained professionals are dispatched to the homes of autoimmune patients needing in-home love and care.  Our referral and intake process is simple and care is tailored to the needs of the patient and family.