There are several opportunities for you to be the difference in the lives of families battling Autoimmunity.  Join a team and get started saving lives!

Many Infinities was developed to meet the needs of autoimmune disease patients and the people who love them.  We're committed to unveiling this invisible illness, giving a voice to affected families, providing the tools to move forward and ultimately CORRECTING and ENDING the AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE.

The time has come for us to no longer be silent! We must not just survive, but LIVE LOUDLY… BOLDLY. We must pass along the knowledge and the courage to truly live from generation to generation – For Infinity!

Staci Hayes, BSN, RN

Outreach Coordinator

L. Jermaine Woods

Board Chair

our leadership team

As an autoimmune disease patient, I found myself frustrated and afraid about the lack of understanding and resources available to me.
After my first autoimmune diagnosis, I began to research my individual disease. This led me to the underlying problem…the real issue. I was surprised to learn that Autoimmunity had affected my family and so many others for several generations.  Yet, no one seemed to be paying attention to the "invisible" monster in our lives. Further digging led me to realize that despite its prevalence in the U.S., this devastating condition has yet to even be recognized as an actual disease, research is at a minimum, compared to other illnesses  and most Americans with an autoimmune or autoimmune related disease have no clue about Autoimmunity and how to be proactive in their healthcare. 


March is Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month.  MI and autoimmune patients across America appreciate you wearing your white with red polka dots.  HELP RAISE AWARENESS!

Levy R. Walker Jr., MS, JD

Kevil A. Tice
Director of Communications

Many Infinities (MI) is honored to be the first 501c3 nonprofit organization, based in the Southeast U.S., committed to accomplishing the mission of bringing awareness to and eradicating Autoimmunity and autoimmune related diseases through education, patient assistance, public awareness, advocacy, research and Christian support.  The organization was established in 2015, by Deven Woods, a wife and mother battling multiple autoimmune diagnoses, whose primary goal was to provide comprehensive support and healthcare management to families navigating the complex world of Autoimmunity in an effort to control and prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases.

Since inception, Many Infinities has worked, diligently, to meet six organizational goals. These goals allow the team to take a multidimensional approach to addressing the many disparities among autoimmune patients and their families. The following goals will achieve prolonged and improved the quality of family life, as well as equip future generations with a holistic awareness of self and tools for proactive health involvement, while we work to end Autoimmunity.

Reduce the impact of mental and emotional instability related to an autoimmune diagnosis by fostering safe environments in which patients and loved ones learn to become emotionally and physically acclimated to life with Autoimmunity and chronic disease

• Improve the patient physician partnership and decrease the disability and mortality rates, resulting from one or more autoimmune diagnoses, by offering comprehensive personalized tools and support for patients to be proactively involved in family healthcare

• Unveil the invisible illness that has plagued families for many generations through public autoimmune awareness initiatives

• Provide educational opportunities, which enhance quality of life, as well as promote patience, understanding, and acceptance of the often misunderstood life changes of autoimmune disease patients

• Alleviate the financial burden of autoimmune disease by providing life advocacy and assistance with unique needs that arise as a result of one or more autoimmune disease diagnoses

• Lead the effort to discover innovative methods of caring for and ultimately ending the autoimmune response

Renee Hood
Director of Events

Our founder

Mary Kay Reynolds



It is estimated that more than 50 million American men, women and children battling an autoimmune diagnosis.  Many of them feel as though they are in the fight alone. #PUTUPYOURDUKES and Join the fight!

Dr. Jessimene Smith, DNP, RN, CPN 

Director of Education

Infinitely You Program

Kenneth Merriweather

RLB Program Chair

Dr. Susann Kircher, MD
Co Chair

Director of Medical Concerns

Deven Woods