Once you or your group decide to join the fundraiser, simply submit the form below and follow these steps.

​1. Purchase the number of wristbands you or your group plans to sell, at a REFUNDABLE price of $.20 per wristband. That's right... we said REFUNDABLE!​






We are infinitely grateful for the generosity of our supporters!  Because of your willingness to share your time, resources and funds, Many Infinities has been able to offer education, emotional support, financial assistance and unique resources to families battling autoimmunity.  Thank you for making a difference that will last many generations!

You can help us 

END AUTOIMMUNITYandSUPPORT families battling its invisible illnesses!

​​​2.  Many Infinities will send your CONNECT THE DOTS Fundraiser packet (wristbands, red polka dots, certificate of appreciation, fundraiser guidelines, and helpful hits for a successful fundraiser.

​3. You then sell the awareness wristbands for $3 - $5. Allow each supporter to customize a red polka dot for your creative awareness display.

​​​4. At the conclusion of your CONNECT THE DOTS Fundraiser, return the proceeds from your sells (less your refundable purchase amount) and any unsold awareness wristbands to the Many Infinities, Inc. office.

​EXAMPLE:  You purchase 100 wristbands at $.20 each (refundable) = $20
​You sell 75 wristbands at $5 each = $375.  You return the proceeds, less $20, and 25 unsold wristbands to Many Infinities. = $355 donation and 25 unsold wristbands

​5.  We love to recognize our supporters, so be sure to share pictures and stories from your fundraiser.

Here's how the CONNECT THE DOTS Fundraiser works...


Get started


You can support our efforts to end Autoimmunity and improve the relationships between patients and physicians, through research and advocacy. With your help, we can enhance life and defeat Autoimmunity! Join our CONNECT THE DOTS Fundraiser!  This fundraiser is simple and fun for your school, church, family, office or social group.

Awareness Wristband Fundraiser