Infinitely You

Autoimmune Health and Wellness Program

The Infinitely You Autoimmune Health and Wellness Program makes autoimmune education, disease management tools and family oriented advocacy a priority throughout the autoimmune community.  Infinitely You event are usually FREE to anyone who registers below.

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Special Focus Classes (1 hour)
When the need arises to spend more time exploring a particular topic, MI schedules one hour classes, where attendees go in-depth, discussing and practicing issues such as personal nutrition, coping with a diagnosis, applying for aid and Tai Chi for Health.   

Life Advocacy/Navigation
It is not just knowledge that is power.  True power lies in the implementation of the knowledge gained.  MI partners with Registered Nurses and local colleges, offering Registered Nursing degrees, to align current and future RNs around the effort to influence improvements in relationships between autoimmune patients and clinicians, provide disease management support beyond the clinical setting and encourage improvement in the clinical treatment of autoimmune patients . This service establishes a 3 pronged partnership... Registered Nurse, nursing student and autoimmune patient. Through this approach, Life Advocates will use a very hands-on approach to provide autoimmune patients with one-on-one navigation to consolidate personal and family health management information, identify, address and track the modifiable life components which hinder treatment, thus encouraging disease management and decreasing the healthcare financial burden.

RN students receive professional mentorship and a holistic understanding of the autoimmune experience, prior to entering the clinical setting.  Patients are supported in

  • Examining all life factors potentially affecting disease
  • Developing helpful forms of communicating with healthcare providers
  • Making personal adjustments to improve disease and symptom management
  • Effectively monitoring and reporting existing and new symptoms
  • Educating family and associates of autoimmune related limitations
  • Locating other avenues of support

Bi-Monthly Workshops (3 hours)
MI partners with community professionals and healthcare providers to show, first hand, the importance of proactive family healthcare and provide the tools to implement a lifestyle conducive to managing an autoimmune diagnosis.