Ruby L. Butler Patient Assistance Program

About Ruby L. Butler
Ruby Lee Butler, a 5 foot 11 inch daughter, sister, wife, and mother to 9 children, was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes in the 1970s. Needless to say, despite her physicians' very best efforts, this journey with autoimmunity was trying for her. Despite her discomfort, Ruby took on the tasks of her daily life with humility and grace - serving others in her community, assisting her husband with the family farming, and bringing joy to the hearts of many with a smile that would flood the room with love.

Later in her battle, Ruby Lee lost her long, lean legs when she became a double amputee as a result of complications of Type1 diabetes. Though very soft spoken, she remained the epitome of strength and determination, viewing her lost limbs as a minor set back that would not prevent her from sharing valuable lessons and resources with the world around her.

In 2001, at age 78, Ruby L. Butler's physical body gave way to the attack initiated by her immune system. Her loving smile and desire to humbly meet the needs of others, however, are infinite as they live on in her 9 children and 40 plus grandchildren.

About the Program
In November of 2015, Many Infinities, Inc. began accepting applications for assistance through the Ruby L. Butler Patient Assistance Program.  This program is designed to help patients, with at least one proven autoimmune diagnosis, secure unique items and services which aid in day to day function and are not covered or fully covered by insurance. Learn more about becoming a recipient of the Ruby L. Butler Patient Assistance Program or to apply for assistance. 

Many Infinities and partners are working hard to develop the best grocery shop and delivery service possible.  Very soon, disabled and elderly citizens receiving SNAP benefits, will be able to request approved grocery items to be delivered.  We are excited to serve families by providing nutritious food and other unique forms of support, designed to promote healthy lifestyles and proactive involvement in family and individual healthcare.

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Grocery Delivery Service