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 Welcome to Many Infinities! I truly hope you find this site and our services and initiatives helpful and fulfilling as it relates to your experience with autoimmunity and the many diseases it causes. 

As a patient of autoimmune disease, I have found that there are little to no resources available to me. Nor is there support available for my loved ones – those who have a terrible time accepting our new normal.
After my first autoimmune diagnosis, I began to research my individual disease. This led me to the underlying problem…the real issue. I was surprised to learn that autoimmunity had affected

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my family and so many others for several generations. However, this devastating condition has yet to even be recognized as an actual disease. There is very little funding for research and most Americans with an autoimmune or autoimmune related disease have no clue about autoimmunity and how to be proactive in their healthcare. 

Many Infinities was developed to meet the needs of autoimmune disease patients and the people who love them.  We're committed to unveiling this invisible illness, giving a voice to affected families, providing the tools to move forward and ultimately CORRECTING and ENDING the AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE.

The time has come for us to no longer be silent! We must not just survive, but LIVE LOUDLY… BOLDLY. We must pass along the knowledge and the courage to truly live from generation to generation – For Infinity!


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As a child I'd tell my parents, "I love you for 50 forevers" - my own little infinity.

                            Today, Many Infinities, Inc. is committed to positively impacting your 50 forevers.